Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hello Love Experiment - CHAPTER TWO

It's been an amazing month. The Hello Love Experiment is ready for its next unfolding. It's remarkable how the energy starts to swirl around a new intention. I've been talking about the Hello Love Experiment again with renewed passion and commitment and suddenly I'm receiving phone calls and emails and offers of help. Friends and strangers are reminding me of the power of these two little words.

Chapter Two of Hello Love is a kind of Back to Basics.

Here's what I'm going to do:
1) Talk about Hello Love wherever and whenever I can
2) Practice Hello Love daily
3) Remind everyone how SIMPLE the practice is:

a. Meet someone's eyes
b. Say "Hello Love" -- silently or not
c. See what happens
d. Repeat

And finally

4) Create a Hello Love Day that will be celebrated across the world in 2010. I will choose point people across the globe that will decide how to practice hello love in their community and we will all share the results of our simultaneous experiment!

As with any labor of love, there are many moments of questioning. Does this work? Will this work? How can I invest more fully? Am I crazy? But thankfully these days, there are even more moments of great JOY and a profound inner knowing that this is exactly the work I must do.

And there's lots of work to do! So, if you want to be a part of growing the Hello Love Experiment, let me know!

BIG LOVE to you all.


Unknown said...

Hello Love! Your info was sent to me from Gail D. in San Diego & I will tell you that I am on board! Your project is brilliantly simple yet extremely powerful! Kuddos!
I look forward to the BIG DAY in 2010, but in the meantime I will welcome everyone with "Hello Love"!
Peggi W.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi ! I'm so thrilled that Hello Love is unfolding again. This week I found myself looking for positive examples of love. Imagine my delight in the Hello Love news ! I'd love to help with the international day and will be in touch. Love, Louise