Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hello Love in Prison

This story came from a wonderful woman in Arizona who has been experimenting with Hello Love for several years now. She always checks in with us to see what is developing and has been amazing about supporting our efforts. The following story is what Hello Love is all about:

Back in 1998, after reading the book Conversations with God, Book 1, I
attended several retreats facilitated by the author, Neale Donald Walsch.
At the second retreat one of the women present stood up and said that
because the author had been receiving numerous requests from inmates in
prisons around the country who had read this book and desperately wanted to
correspond with like-minded folks about the different ideas and concepts
from the book and about spirituality in general. So Walsch and his
foundation, ReCreation, started Books for Friends, to send hundreds more of
these books to prisons and then to match up inmates' names with people on
the outside who were willing to discuss myriad spiritual and metaphysical
concepts with them. I was one of those people who chose to do this and have
been doing so since 1998.
One of my inmate friends is housed in a prison in Florida and I have
been corresponding with him for about ten years. Last year I told him all
about the Hello Love Experiment and sent him your Home page. Shortly
thereafter he wrote, saying it sounded like such a wonderful idea.
But yesterday I got a letter from him that showed the Hello Love
Experiment in action, and here are his words:
"I must share with you how I handled the situation I was in with a
so-called 'friend' of mine. He was angry with me and even wanted to kill
me, or so I thought. So I tried the Hello Love Experiment. I looked at him
and smiled and said 'hello love' silently and a big smile came across his
face. So we are at peace now. Thank God."

It certainly inspired me to practice more!
Love to all.

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