Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love, Wisdom and Will

"The Plan for man has three great goals. The revelation of love; the illumination of the mind; the evocation of the will."

It's quite a quote. And it's from Discipleship in the New Age, Volume One by Alice Bailey. Love, wisdom and the right use of the will. HELLO LOVE, for me, is obviously about the revelation of love, but does not leave out wisdom or will. That is, there is wisdom inherent in being able to hold everyone and everything as love. And it will be necessary to hold strong and be quite fierce (the right use of will) if we are to truly live way of HELLO LOVE.

I'm taken with the idea of REVELATION. Hello Love, in two little words, can reveal the hidden truth. It's hidden because we either choose to mask the love that we each are or because we refuse to see what lies beneath the masks of others. We've all had encounters where we first meet someone and immediately decide we can't stand the person, only to hear his story or learn something about him down the line that allows us to experience him as the love he is. It's a REVELATION to live one's life seeing in a more subtle way. Our personalities are OBVIOUS. And we can choose to like someone or not based on personality quirks. But at a subtler level, we experience the qualities of the soul. And at the level of soul, we are composed of the substance of love. We are LIGHT which is the texture of love. So HELLO LOVE asks us to look for the light inherent in each of us and greet THAT.

On my path, at the moment, I'm learning about flow. I'm learning about anger fueled by love. I'm learning that sometimes things have to get chaotic and messy and uncomfortable to get to the the realization of LOVE. We spend way too much time consistently fighting or disrupting the flow of love that we are. We have to be strong about naming our resistance and confronting it. So much of what we offer or display is defended or reactive. Our every action says, "You don't love me, do you?" "Do you love me?" "Will this make you love me?" We are all asking to be named LOVE. But we spend our lives like three-year-olds throwing tantrums or sulking in the corner or biting or saying NO!!!!!!!

I just keep trying to say HELLO LOVE and mean it. That is, I want it to penetrate to the core blockages that we all hold so dearly. I want two little words to begin to shake loose our ideas that we are NOT love. And I want to be wise and strong enough to address all that emerges when everything that we consider unloveable comes to the surface to be loved.

So I ask you, as always, to join me in the practice of it. HELLO LOVE is a meditation. It's a song. It's a greeting. It's a balm. It's a flashlight shining into dark corners. It's a wake up call. Let's all see if we can silently (or not) greet 3 people today with HELLO LOVE.

And love love love to you all.

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