Monday, June 11, 2007

Vermont and Prospect - Back at it

Just got back from Hello Love on the corner of Vermont and Prospect. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track with Hello Love. I’ve been feeling kind of hopeless about the state of the world and the polarization of the world and the polarization inherent in every moment. I’ve been feeling like Hello Love has an insurmountable task ahead.

But today gave me hope. It reminded me that the smallest greeting can affect a change. Edie, Maria and I all went out and while we were all our usual nervous selves as we got underway, immediately people were smiling and waving and greeting us in lovely ways. We settled in immediately and all, almost instantaneously felt buoyed by the love that came back at us.

People were hungry hungry hungry for it and they took it in. It’s the simplest thing to do... greet people with love, with openness, with kindness and such a little of it can go such a long way.

My favorite moment was when a guy walked past us and asked if we were the ones that sell the t-shirts! I thought “This is working...” The word is spreading.

I think we must have waved at over 1,000 people today....and a good 888 of those people waved back and smiled or flashed the peace sign or nodded or said Hello Love back. And I can’t help but think that even the tiniest shift in energy for each person that we interacted with is a huge shift for that little corner or a significant shift for the energy around all those people today. I think it makes a difference.

Maria, Edie and I all felt so happy to have done this today. It was a boost, a reminder... an hour or so filled with potentiality.

The fact that our muscles hurt from holding the signs above our heads or waving is a great reminder that our heart muscle is working as well... working to include... working to extend... working to embrace, to transmute... It’s also a reminder that I am willing to endure the muscle ache if I feel steeped in JOY. And it’s so easy to stand in JOY when an energy of LOVE is being exchanged.

I don’t know how Hello Love will grow...I don’t know what place it’s meant to hold in the grand scheme of things... but I do know that right now, going out and waving each week... showing up... is what I want and need to do. I want to practice standing in the energy of openness and love.

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