Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It can be this little!

Today, I was leaving Trader Joe's when I noticed a convertible Corvette parked so boldly next to my dirty station wagon plastered with "Hello Love." As I finished loading my grocery bags into the back, a dapper man approached.

"Hello Love!" he said. "How nice," and he chuckled the sort of chuckle you'd expect a corvette owner to chuckle.

"Thanks," I smiled back and began to climb into my car and drive off.

Then I saw them, the little stash of cards I keep in my door just in case. I was reminded of my mission and the message which meant that even this man (who was somehow intimidating to me because he owned a Corvette) was also LOVE.

I boldly stood and asked, "Would you like to have a card? You could pass it on!"

He readily took the card. He saw the website handwritten on the back and asked what it was, if it was my website. So I gave as brief an explanation as possible about a group of friends out to spread a little love with this experiment to see how it made people feel. He smiled and thanked me and said in half an hour he was taking a Lovely Lady out to lunch. He would give the card to her.

"Perfect," I said, and we said our thank you's and goodbye's and have a nice day's and parted ways.

I saw today -- in a fresh light -- the power of our little experiment. Because really, who experienced the Hello Love, me, or him? I know that because I took a moment to say it to him (first with the help of my car and then silently before I was brave enough to hand him the card), he was able to experience it, and the Lovely Lady he was taking out to lunch was able to, and who knows where it will go from there but already I feel its energy circle back to me in the quiet of early evening.

Perhaps it's selfish, or perhaps it's a perk, but I'm finding that in giving love we almost always get back more than we gave. Not such a bad trade, 'eh? Somebody should tell the blokes on Wall Street about this!

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