Sunday, March 04, 2007

HELLO LOVE is Alive and Well!

Goofy pose

HELLO LOVE(S) out there to everyone who's been supporting us and The Experiment -- and a big shout out to Mary from Arizona kind enough to send us an email to see how we're doing! Made us realize today that we really need to keep this blog up and check in, especially since so much has happened since last we did -- including a pancake poster making party with lots of friends! (PICTURES TO COME :) So we've committed to writing a little bit when we can... and I'm just starting from now and working backwards.

Today we had a Hello Love "retreat" where the five us get together and really spend some time on catching up, where we've been and where we'd like to go all pertaining to Hello Love. Good snacks, good ideas, planning for the next events, but mostly great catching up and reinvigorating the cause.

Which, in a very simple way, according to Edie, is getting people to say "Hello Love"! So simple... and yet absolutely adorable when she put up her waving hand to her face and just WAVED! I can imagine loads of photos with people waving with their Hello Love signs... and spreading the feeling and spreading the word.

I, myself, have had a pretty cathartic month when it comes to opening the heart -- I feel like I've been the most hesitant at all, but really, it's about one's own process, isn't it? I'll blog about that soon, as it's a big music composition week for me this week and I'm really under the gun... in a good way.

But basically -- LOVE isn't just "Ten Minutes Ago I Saw You" from Cinderella or "Do I Love You."

(And yes, I had to post these clips because I LOVE the musical Cinderella.... geez, see how defensive I'm getting about this?! This is not easy! Anyhoo...)

Now I can actually see that there's a yin and yang about that too -- love isn't only good times, but is balanced out by hard work and frustration. And that means Hello Love too -- I don't feel like I have to be so "Pollyanna-ish" anymore... So to close my check-in today and I played this song from the Broadway musical Avenue Q:

The More You Ruv Someone


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