Sunday, November 05, 2006

Selling T-shirts and spreading the love...

At Franklin and BeachwoodWhat a great morning! We set up at Franklin and Beachwood with about 100 t-shirts. We hung some of them on a chain link fence and hung our HELLO LOVE signs all around that corner. At first, I'll admit, I was shy. I picked up a sign and started tentatively to wave at passers-by. I felt a little awkward. I didn't feel brave.

But then I stopped to remind myself what all this was about...and it's about offering love to everyone and anyone. And I thought...I can do that. I can just stand here and smile and wave and open my heart and offer a little love. I grew increasingly courageous.

At Franklin and BeachwoodThree hours flew by. Soooo many people honked. So many people waved. Many stopped and bought a t-shirt. One woman told us about a cool art project she was working on highlighting groups of women who gather together to create something lovely. We were that. She took our picture with the t-shirts. Many talked to us from their car window thanking us for what we were doing. The sun was BEATING down, but we were all so full, so happy, so alive with offering a little unexpected love to those who happened to be driving down Franklin or Beechwood this morning.

Something about this is absolutely right. It feels GOOD to say it, to share offer it. Hello Love. Hello love. Yes you!

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