Sunday, November 26, 2006

Expansion and Contraction on a Sunday...

It was another really amazing morning with the Hello Love gang. We were back at Beachwood and Franklin from 9 am until noon. We had our t-shirts hung on the fence and four of us out there with signs waving and greeting the drivers and a few pedestrians as they passed. The response is really just incredible. People are so receptive and delighted. And every honk and smile makes every minute worth it. Of course there are the obligatory wavers and the non-smilers and the puzzled looks. But the honks and peace signs and astonished but happy faces far out weigh all of those.

We were asked a lot more today what we are...what we're about. My response was something like, "We're a group a friends who want to spread a little love. We're asking people to experiment with greeting people silently or not with 'hello love.' People coudn't believe we weren't promoting something or selling something (except t-shirts to spread the word) or a part of a religious movement. Everyone seemed somehow relieved, like, 'oh, we can just relax and enjoy this exchange.'

At Franklin and Beachwood
Anyway, I was feeling so EXPANSIVE and full and happy at the end of our time. My husband and 3 yr old daughter met me and we all drove home. But here's the fascinating and tricky part. I've been totally exhausted since. And when I checked in with the other Hello Love women after last time, everyone reported a similar feeling. We were all high and full and charged and then we all collapsed. And not only that, in the last few hours, I've really felt myself as constricted and not at all 'hello love.' More like 'hello leave me alone.' Of course this at first makes me feel like a failure or a fraud, but then I get to thinking that this is how we exercise our heart. I think that's what we're doing out there.

When I'm standing out there near the street waving at drivers-by, I'm staying as connected with the flow of the heart's energy as I can. I'm breathing in the present moment and then shining out from the heart. It feels like a tangible energy that is rushing over and out from my heart. I can tell when I'm connected and when I'm not. I see it in people's faces. I can tell when it's real. And I think it takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort to keep the heart open and full and flowing. Each time we all practice this for these three hour meetings, we're getting a little stronger. But I also think it's normal -- at this growing stage -- to contract a bit afterwards. I myself am experiencing fatigue and grumpiness. :) But I'm also smiling at myself in the thick of it. I'm thinking, "Isn't this fascinating." That might not be what my husband is thinking... but he is patient and kind and really gets what we're doing even if I collapse afterwards.

So, I'm writing now to capture this journey of total exhilaration in sharing this message and likewise the rebound contraction. It just reminds me how this really IS a PRACTICE. And we all can get better and stronger and more steady in the offerings of our hearts....

Hello love!

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