Saturday, October 14, 2006

Too pooped to pop!

The HELLO LOVE Experiment Launch EveI had an exhausting week, but it's Hello Love Eve and I'm happy. (And I'll let Heidi tell you why we picked this October 13th to begin :)

The HELLO LOVE Experiment Launch EveTomorrow morning -- or four hours from now -- Heidi'll call "Rain Delay" or not for our Hello Love Experiment launch in Hollywood. We were at her house tonight to gear up with posters, placards and business cards, and the energy was incredible (pictures coming), creativity abundant, and Andrew and Maria's fine work at the grill delicious! Hopefully Mother Nature is on our side... she usually doesn't rain in southern California.

I'm glad I woke up from sleeping on the couch... forgot to put a stat counter on the website and blog, our only way to measure our impact/curiosity... now that it's up, it's goodnight, love...

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