Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello Love. Hello Love? Hello Love!

The HELLO LOVE Experiment Launch EveToday I took the opportunity to love on strangers. I didn’t physically love "on" them. I didn't touch them. I mostly didn't even talk to them. But I looked at them, in a soft-hearted kind of way, each person that passed me on the street. As I set out with Heidi, Madley, Laura, and Maria on our first day out with the Hello Love Experiment, I pretended that I had amazing secret super-powers, and that I could mentally send a force field of pure love to each person, psychically! I held the idea that this force in me was powerful in a universe-creating, big bang, atomic nuclear reaction, kind of way, huge and almighty, and that if I focused really intently, they would receive it. Even if they still looked grumpy or tired or worn down by the world, with each stranger that walked past, I held the idea that on some level they got this beam of love. I flashed in my mind thoughts of them living the happiest, highest idea of themselves. I imagined them prosperous in all ways and their eyes filled with creative excitement for life. I imagined them fulfilled and lovingly connected to the people in their lives.

I did this with my friends.

How nice to have friends that wanted to go out and try this.

The HELLO LOVE Experiment Launch EveYes, we also put up signs that said, Hello Love. We handed out business cards at the corner of Sunset and Argyle--the business of sending love. Sometimes, we had to explain ourselves.

"No, we are not with a religion, or any organization. We are just a group of friends. We are not raising money for any cause, there is no other reason than this moment, to stand here and send you love--because it feels good."

The HELLO LOVE Experiment LaunchI have to admit, we were all nervous at first, none of us are the type that do this kind of thing... talk to strangers; none of us are outgoing look-at-me kind of people. So we had to rally ourselves. After all, this could be seen as ridiculous... and on some level it's illegal; posting signs in public areas. So there was the possibility of scandal! Worse than that, someone might make fun of us, might say, "That’s stupid." So there was also the possibility of being scoffed at. Sounds silly, but being scoffed at in public is very daunting.

The HELLO LOVE Experiment LaunchBut even more than those reasons, I think it just makes one nervous to blindly offer love. It goes against the social training of life: self protection, guarding against people that want to take advantage of your good nature, which could be anyone--especially strangers; it's just not safe. And besides that, what's the pay-off, what is the profit to be gained?

Which brings me to the surprising discovery of this morning for me: Which was A.) how I felt safer in the world with each passing person that I beamed love to. And B.) how satisfying it felt to walk around beaming love, how much better I felt inside myself. People pay good money for that--feeling good. And here it is, free.

It's a lovely thing to try, to ask yourself is this ridiculous or revolutionary, this Hello Love thing, and then just walk out on the street and test it.


Willanator said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for greeting me this morning. i LOVE your idea and am intending on passing it on. if you have not watched the movie, "Pay it Forward"
you should. i think you could create the same phenomon with this wonderful and important idea. ciao for now. love andrew

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I try to do this anyway. And I find that when I am smiling, I get a lot more help at home depot. It's a great idea. I'll keep you posted!

Madley said...

Edie, you DO have super-powers and they're not so secret now!